A bloke was walking along by the Post Office Tower one day when he
 looked up and saw two men standing on the top.  While he was
 watching, one of the men jumped off, flapping his arms and flew
 around the Tower.  The the other did exactly the same.  Fascinated the
 man got to the top of the Tower with great hastiness and went up to
 the two blokes and said, "Did my eyes deceive me, or did I really see
 you fly around the Tower?"
    "Yes" said one of the men, jumping off, flying around in a circle
 flapping his arms just to prove it.
    "Could I do it?" asked the man.
    "Of course, just jump off the edge and flap your arms" said the
    So the man jumped off the Tower, flapping his arms frantically, only
 to be splatterd 400 feet below in a mess of blood, guts, and twiddly
 little bits he had eaten for dinner.
    Meanwhile, on the top of the Tower, one of the men turned to the
 other and said, "You know Gabriel for an Archangel you've got a really
 sick sense of humor."