This woman goes into a pet store, to purchase some dogfood.  She puts the
bag of food up on the counter and notices a box full of frogs. She reads
the sign on the box.....and it says....
        "Snatch Eating Frogs" - $20.00 each.
         (comes with instructions)
  She looks at it for a minute.......looks around to see if anyone's
watching her....and she whispers to the man behind the counter..."I'll 
take one". 

 He packages up this frog, the woman grabs her dog food, and is on her way
home. She gets home....takes out her instructions and reads them
carefully,doing exactly what it says to do.
          1)  Take  a shower, put on some nice smelling perfume
          2)  Put on a very sexy Teddy
          3)  Crawl into bed......spread your legs and
              put the frog down "THERE".
She does this and to her surprise nothing happens.  So she thought
perhaps the scent she chose is not appealing to the frog..... So she showers
again.....and tries another perfume. She gets back into bed, puts the frog 
between her legs.... NOTHING.
 She's totally frustrated and pissed off at this point. She reads her
instructions again, thinking there might be something she overlooked. At the
bottom of the paper, it says...."If you have any problems or questions,
please call the pet store".  So, she does.  

 And the man behind the counter says, "I've had a few complaints earlier
today, I'll be right over to check out the problem".
 A few minutes later, he knocks on the door.....comes in.....and says,
"You'll have to show me exactly what you did".   

 She does. She showers, puts on the teddy, the perfume, gets into bed....and
puts the frog between her legs.   NOTHING HAPPENS. 

 She says, "See.....I've done everything the instructions told me to do
and the damn thing just sits there".   

 The man looks very concerned and picks up the frog, looking right into