BEBOP (to BARNEY) : It's not my fault the clingfilm broke.

BEBOP (to BARNEY) : You loved it, you came back for more.

MADRORY (to FRESH) : So, are you giving me one then?

AD and MRBLACK 	: We're only playing.

MADRORY : I am left handed, so I am crap at doing it with my right hand!

LUCIFER : Biscuit is most definatly a woman - I checked 12 times!

BEBOP (with VEC) : We're just going to get money.

LUCIFER : I'll come and be sociable.
MRBLACK : Fuck off.

MADRORY : It ends up really huge.
        : It takes about 3 hours.
FRESH   : We want the whole lot.

MADRORY : It was because of a fluffy, vicious, bouncey, potentially lethal
           goth doing it to me.

MADRORY : I've started so I'll finish.

MORGYN : Look, there's a dangly bit there!

MORGYN : How large do you reckon you could get this one?

MORGYN : I mean how large do you think this hair will get?

FRESH : I think you'll find that 3 times in a row.

LINDA (taking a picture of AD and MRBLACK) : Come on, lets see some tongues!

MADRORY : It's difficult to do it at the back.

FRESH : He'll have the black bruises to go with it.

MADRORY : Oh no, my hair's sticking to it now.

MORGYN : Well you could always pin him down and do it to him.

MRBLACK : Say when!

FRESH : MrBlack owes me lots of favours!

MORGYN : That'll fit quite nicely.

LUCIFER : _THAT_ is no muscule wahtsoever... except for the nescasary bits.

MRBLACK : We've been in the pub for 9 hours.
AD      : Arse!
MRBLACK : Hurrah...

FRESH : Can't you do it with an afro comb?

FRESH : And I was doing so well.

MORGYN : Nothing compares to a penguin.

MORGYN : Is Madrory still beating me?

MORGYN (talking about SIAN) : The person we picked up off the street said "aah"

FRESH   : Do you like it tight?
MADRORY : Yes, it stays in better that way

FRESH : We'll do it when we get back.

MORGYN : Damn! I'm being beaten.

MADRORY : I might be able to get up by that time.

MADRORY : Let's go inside. It's warmer in there.

MORGYN : Can't you get it up without a vicar or priest there?

FLIBS : I'm the son of one, will I do?

FRESH : That goes down with the rest of them.

FRESH : I've never ever done that.

SIAN : I'm practicing to be one.

FRESH : Do it by hand.

FRESH : I think you ought to ask my girlfriend about that.

MADRORY : Stuart, stop fiddling with it.

SIAN (to MORGYN) : That is not as impressive compared to Madrory's

MORGYN : It's just the way I'm sitting.

FLIBS : I don't care as long as it's solid.

MORGYN : It's amazing how large it can get so quickly.

SIAN : Does it do it again?

MADRORY : I'm prepared for all eventualities.

MORGYN : You can tell by his woggle!

MORGYN : It only took 3 hours.

BIGPHIL : He's staying on my bedroom floor.

MADRORY : That goes down I'm afaid.

AD      : It's too floppy.
MRBLACK : Yes, i need to get hold of something hard.

JONAH : You've just thrown your thingy at me.

MORGYN : It's the person you're lying on's responcibity.

BIGPHIL : How long is it now?
LUCIFER : Almost 5 pages.

LINDA : It's sticky isn't it?
FRESH : He said he was coming.

MADRORY : We were getting worried that you wouldn't come.

PHOENIX : You keep trying but you haven't managed it yet.

MADRORY : Right Fresh, come here ... UP ... NOW!

PHOENIX : Where's the rest of it gone? Can we have it now?

MRBLACK : Are you fingering my bottle?

LINDA : Hold that a minute.

FRESH : If you weren't admin, I'd give you a right good slap.

FRESH : What position are you in, rougthly?

-=> NicePerson sitting down with people standing around her.
BIGPHIL : Oh look, She's just the riht height now.

MRBLACK : He has now. He's used it enough ... OH BOLLOCKS!

MRBLACK : What are you sucking up there?

MORGYN : Don't grab that, it'll go everywhere.

MADRORY : And what are you up to?
AD      : I'm making it move around in the glass.

MORGYN : I don't like being tied down unless on special occasions

MADRORY : It's fascinating isn't it? Watching all the white stuff
          pour into the bottle.

FRESH : Aww it's wet, EWW!

MRBLACK : Ad caught in the act!

MORGYN : Get off me! You didn't say that last night.

FLIBS : I stroke mine regularly.

BIGPHIL : You can go back to my place and dump your stuff.


LUCIFER : Aarrgghh, Don't sit on my hand.

BIGPHIL : It's a good method for foreplay.

PHOENIX : Oh no, he sat on the spike

MRBLACK : I'll have some.
JONAH   : Anything in it?

LUCIFER : He wants to get a shot of that before they clean it up.

PHOENIX : He's obviously not going hard enough.

PHOENIX : Don't make me hurt you Greg.
...(Extended wrestling)...(Greg hurled from room)...

GREG : 4 of you eh?

JONAH : So, nobody wants any cucumber?

BIGPHIL : You can go in another room and do it, I don't care.

LUCIFER : Then it goes down nice and syrupy.

MRBLACK : It just doesn't dry up.

GREG : How big is it then Phil?

LUCIFER : I'm going to wash my hands cos they're all sticky.

PHOENIX : Yes, well we won't go into that.

GREG    : Stop penetrating my soul.
PHOENIX : I haven't touched your shoes.

PHOENIX : Better to take then one at a time, I reckon.

PHOENIX : It's the sweat that does it.

BIGPHIL : You really took pleasure in that didn't you son?

BIGPHIL : You might get a groan out of him and then he'll go to sleep.

LUCIFER : Imagine getting that out your asre.

MRBLACK : One at a time please.

PHOENIX : Isn't that an interesting crease?

PHOENIX : Oh damn - just 3 inches too short.

PHOENIX : Bah! But I would have triumphed if it wasn't for you pesky kids!

PHOENIX : Mine's auto everything.

		    --==>> That's all Folks!! <<==--

	      --==>> No Sat quotes - sheet stolen... <<==--

  --==>> Shame, as all the PENDRAGON Quotes were on that sheet ;0)  <<==--