In the beginning the Lord God Almighty turned to the Archangel 
Gabriel, and said: 

"Today I am going to create a beautiful part of the Earth and I will 
call it Wales. I will make a country of breathtaking blue lakes, rich 
green forests and dark beautiful mountains from which from time to 
time will be snow-covered. I will give it clear, swift rivers that will 
overflow with salmon and trout. 

The land shall be lush and fertile on which the people can raise cattle 
and grow their food, as well as being rich with precious metals and 
stones that will be sought after, the World over. 

Underneath the land I shall lay rich seams of coal for the inhabitants to 
mine. Around the coast I will make some of the most beautiful areas in 
the World. White sandy beaches and cliffs that will attract all manner 
of wildlife, and lots of islands that will be paradise to all who visit 
them. In the waters around the shores there will be abundance of sea-life. 

The people who will live there will be called the Welsh, and they will 
be the friendliest people on my Earth. They will have magic in their 
blood, and songs in their souls.  Their Voices when raised in song shall 
challenge the choir of angels."

"Excuse me, sire" interrupted the Archangel Gabriel, "don't you think 
that you are being a bit generous to these Welsh?" 

The lord just smiled and replied "You have not seen the neighbours 
I'm giving them!"