A handsome young man and muscular with it, was stretched out on a
 lonely beach, soaking up the sun and the beauties of nature.  He heard
 a slight noise, and looked up to see an ancient crone with an ugly
 wrinkled face and stringy grey hair dressed in a black coat and a pointed
 hat.  "Hi honey, I'm a witch." she croaked, "and I'll grant you three wishes
 for a slight consideration."  "Alright." replied the Adonis, "I want a new
 sports car, money and a beautiful young sexpot of a mistress.  Can you
 give me all these?" "Nothing to it." she said, cackling, "Sharakazam!! You
 now have the most fabulous sports car available parked in your garage.
 You have a personal bank account of fifty thousand pounds.  Waiting for 
 you at your apartment is the world's most beautiful girl who will be
 your mistress."  The young man was stunned to speechlessness for
 several minutes, but finally he asked: "What is the consideration I owe
 you?"  "You must spend the night making love to me." said the old hag.
 The thought of making love to the old crone repulsed him, but it was
 certainly worth it he thought, bearing in mind the other side of the
 bargain.  And so together they returned to a nearby hotel, and in the
 morning the most distasteful ordeal over, he was dressing to leave when
 the hag in bed cackled; "Say sonny, how old are you?"  "I'm twenty-two,
 why?"  "Ain't you a little old to believe in witches????"