[Pendragons Law!!]

Every person, Culture, and Religion has its laws by witch to live. The Christians have their "Ten Commandments", Muslims follow the Koran, each Country has their state Laws, and internationally we have global laws. All added together they insure our lives are complicated, and they restrict our natural behaviour..
I believe that you should live life by your own rules, or else it's not worth living at all.
Therefore I follow my own set of Rules, some of which are listed below :-

Pendragon's Law

1:If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up to much space.
2 :Do unto others as they would do unto you. But do it first!
3 :Rules are made to be broken.
4 :If they are under 16 they are protected by law, Over 60 by Nature, anything in between is fair game.
5 :The rat race is mainly for rats, so make sure you are the person in the white coat. Its a lot less stressful.
6 :Try anything at least once..
7 :Live and let Live.
8 :To be sure of hitting your target shoot first, and whatever you hit call the target!
9 :Don't get Mad. Get Even!!
10:When Threatened do the opposite of what they want.
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