From the New Millennium Celebrations PT:I
[Thursday 31st Dec 1999]
Thanks To AX For Taking the Photos.

    Millennium (mil-en-i-um). n.
  • 1. A period of 1000 years.
  • 2. A period of great happiness and prosperity for everyone.
  • 3. A great excuse for a party.
Its not every day you get to celebrate the dawning of a new millennium, it arrives only once every thousand years, and you have to be lucky enough to be born at that time. Well it actually it comes twice every thousand years, since some people say it is on the thousands year (2000) and others point out that since we started at 1AD and not 0AD the thousand years falls on the "and one" years (2001). So one group celebrates on one date, and the other group the other. But the clever people celebrate on both. That way you get two Parties!

Well I had the chance of seeing the New Millennium in with the massive party in Edinburgh, thanks to the offer of a free ticket to the parties there. But in an attempt at a good deed, since a x-girlfriend was going, and it would have been awkward if we had been in the same place, with the same people. I turned down the exciting millennium in Edinburgh, and decided on celebrating with friends the Wrexham.

[PHOTO] Since most the pubs in Wrexham were closed, the celebrations took place in the King's and O'Bradys. Not much change really as that's the main two pubs we go drinking in anyway. Well the kings is a dive but it is the only rock pub in Wrexham. And O'Bradys is our local where we can normally be found if we are out drinking. As well as on the street of Wrexham after numerous visits to off-licence's to get cheep vodka and whisky.

Here we see the lovely Beth (Bradys Barmaid at the time) in her new-years dress, bought specially for the occasion. Alas Beth fell in love and moved away, and now Brady's just isn't the same.
Owwww ain't it sweet!!!

A photograph of my X-girlfriend, Her Boyfriend (at the time), and my good self. Its nice when you can stay friends with your x-partners. So much better to remain friends than to throw away all that closeness and just be bitter, or pretend that that person no longer exists. I always feel it is stupid to stop caring for someone just because you are no longer dating them.

Its also nice to see everyone in the photo wearing black ;0) for once I do not stand out as a weirdo or the strange one. But I actually fit in a photo taken in Wrexham.
[PHOTO] Gill 'NurseGrowl'
My X-Girlfriend

Wow. Time fly's. It feels like it was not that long ago we split up, yet it has been almost a year (at time of writing this. It had only been a few months when these photos were taken.). A lot has happened in that time, including Tattoo's, Piercing's, Job changes, new friends, and much more. But with all the changes we have managed to remain friends, which is an impressive thing in this day and age.

I am not sure whether Ax is taking a photo of Gill or of the cigarette machine. Since the cigarette machine was more central in the photo than Gill. But then Ax was extremely drunk, and not long after this picture was taken he was running about the streets of Wrexham with his arms out stretched pretending to be an aeroplane.
Gav, Tina, & Dale

Spot the difference in the background in the photos? The previous ones were taken in O'Bradys, and the next few were taken in the kings, and if you look closely to the backgrounds you can see the damaged walls that have not been cleaned or decorated in dozens of years. And the damage, broken windows, and other things that make the Kings what it is!
[PHOTO] A group Photo. From left to right:

Dale: My sisters Boyfriend
Tina: My Sister
Rob's Girlfriend: Sorry I have forgottan your name!!
???:The only Girl worth Pulling in the king's that night.
Emma: X-Brother~In~Law's Girlfriend
Griff: X-Brother~In~Law
Who is that masked man?

Well the answer is 'Comic Shop Dave.
'Who?' I hear you ask. Well take a good look at the photo. What does the photo say to you? To me it says just one word, and it does not so much as say that word, but scream it into my ear with a megaphone!

And that word is Dodgy. Yes, Dave is one of them dodgy characters you always find at the rock events, the King's, The Tiv. Unchained, etc.
[PHOTO] What can I say about Dave that this picture does not already say? Nothing, so I wont. I will instead make mention of the King's Arms which you can see in the background.

As you can see the place is a dive, In fact if the building was not a listed building it would have been condemned and knocked down years ago. The windows are all smashed in.. you can see straight through the walls, and you stick to the floor if you stand in the same place for more that 30 seconds. But this is a good thing, it means the trendy population of Wrexham would not be seen dead in there, so we get a trendy-free pub.
I have no idea who this person is. The name Ian jumps into my head when I look at the photo, but that means nothing. I do remember that he was a friend of Dave's and that we bumped into them on the streets of Wrexham. I also remember winning five pounds in a bet with him, when he bet me he could run straight through the windows of Littlewoods. He bounced right off them, and ended up on the floor, but I got a five pounds and a good laugh. [PHOTO]
The least said about this series of pictures the better, but for some reason that made sense while drunk, the lady in red decided to wash Owen's hair, and at one point her own. I would like to point out everyone in the pub was legless at the time. And that it was done for a reason. I would also like to point out it was freezing outside, and poor Owen was covered in cold water, while us sensible people stayed inside with the beer. The thing that confuses me the most is… Why would anyone take a bottle of shampoo out on new years eve?? [PHOTO]
[PHOTO] I stare off into the distance. Am I staring at a beautiful woman? (Well there was a few there that night!) Am I just staring off at something only my drunken mind could see? Or was I distracted by some shiny thing in the distance? I have no idea, I was probably just letting my mind wander, thinking about other new years eve's, old friends, good times, and considering the ways I would rather see in the new millennium, and with whom. Damn I think I am turning into an old romantic, there goes my reputation..

The spectacle of a topless bloke having his hair washed at 1am outside the pub, makes me think "Why the hell did I turn down the free tickets to the millennium celebration in Edinburgh?" It was supposed to be for a noble cause. But I have recently found out my X-Girlfriend did not even go, so I could have gone with out any hassle or tension. Sometimes fate plays cruel tricks on us.
I am a spod. What can I say? Back home after spending the night and the early hours seeing in the new millennium (Part I), I decided to go online. Well what easier way to wish friends across the globe a great New Year and millennium than by sending mass emails to them all? I was a bit of a cheat, I had written the email before I had gone out to cut down on drunken mistakes, and just sent it when I got home. Mind you, I had to laugh at Ax. He also went online that night to send some email greetings, and decided to change his account passwords. Only when he sobered up the following day he could not remember what he had set them to FOOL!. [PHOTO]

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