Of Wayne "Pendragon" Owens

Click on the Photo for the full size Picture!!

/archive/photo A /archive/photo of a young and innocent "Pendragon"
I WAS innocent once you know!!

/archive/photo Errrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont ask..
I would like to say i was drunk when this /archive/photo was taken, but the truth is i was totally sobre..
Thanks to WolfBitch for this Photo!!!!
/archive/photo A Photo from the 97 Spoo meet!!!!!...
The Quote that went with this /archive/photo was....
Pendragon looking Sweet and innocent
That was it wasnt it MrBlacK??
/archive/photo Look its me again!!!!!!
Not suprising really as this is a page of /archive/photos all about me... Yes its true i am an egomaniac.. but then everybody who has a web-page is..
Think about it.. seting up a bit of the INTERNET just to tell total strangers all about yourself.. Hummm and you think it is normal..
/archive/photo The only /archive/photograph in existance of me actually spodding... Taken by Ax a few years ago.. and thought you cant see it on the scanned /archive/photo there is actually a telnet window open with tf running on that screen.. you can even make out some of the words......

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