As you walk the streets at night, I am always there just out of sight. you sometimes feel me near, footsteps in your mind you hear. I see you stop and stare, wondering just who is there. Deep in the shows of the night you search, but mortal eyes cant see my pearch. A BANG! in the dark, you feel fear in your heart. you flee to the places of sin, Where footsteps are losed in the din. Encased in the croud, you feel safe and proud. Till you notice them all lear, encouraged by the smell of your fear. Thay drag you into the night by your hair, your cloths thay rip and tear. Strangers ignore your cries of distress, you are surrounded by enamies in the darkness. But the darkness is my home, throught it i may freely roam. Thay scream and try to fight, but thay are no match to a child of the night. soothing words i whisper in your ear, till the light of day makes me disapear. i whisper with my last kiss and caress That you are safe always in DARKNESS..