The 100Q Purity Test
This is the 100Q purity-test, if you answer yes to any of these questions you get 1 point. Final points is a % of how pure you are?

MOS = Member of Oposite Sex
MSS = Member of Same Sex
PURITY TESTNumberHave you Ever????
yes no 1 had a date?
yes no 2 had a blind date?
yes no 3 been out on a date past 4 a.m.?
yes no 4 danced cheek to cheek?
yes no 5 kissed an MOS?
yes no 6 engaged in definitely sexual activity on the first date?
yes no 7 kissed an MOS in the horizontal position?
yes no 8 kissed an MOS in the last three months?
yes no 9 been french kissed?
yes no 10 had or given a hickey?
yes no 11 necked?
yes no 12 necked for more than two hours consecutively?
yes no 13 seen a naked post pubescent MOS?
yes no 14 been seen naked by an MOS after puberty?
yes no 15 seen a stripper?
yes no 16 had an orgasm?
yes no 17 had an erection, clitoral erection?
yes no 18 been engaged or married?
yes no 19 read a pornographic book or magazine?
yes no 20 seen a pornographic movie?
yes no 21 had an alcoholic drink?
yes no 22 been drunk?
yes no 23 used alcohol to lower an MOS's resistance?
yes no 24 had a loss of conscious due to drinking?
yes no 25 smoked tobacco?
yes no 26 smoked pot or hashish?
yes no 27 used cocaine?
yes no 28 used LSD, PCP, heroin, or Mushrooms?
yes no 29 used four or more recreational drugs in one night?
yes no 30 been arrested?
yes no 31 been convicted of a crime?
yes no 32 massaged, been massaged by an MOS?
yes no 33 caressed or kissed an MOS's thigh?
yes no 34 fondled a girl's breast, had your breasts fondled?
yes no 35 fondled an MOS's butt?
yes no 36 fondled an MOS's genitals?
yes no 37 had your genitals fondled?
yes no 38 had an orgasm due to manipulation by an MOS?
yes no 39 manipulated an MOS to orgasm?
yes no 40 showered bathed, jacuzzied or saunaed with an MOS?
yes no 41 gone coed skinny-dipping?
yes no 42 undressed or been undressed by an MOS?
yes no 43 had sexual intercourse?
yes no 44 had sexual intercourse more than ten times?
yes no 45 had sexual intercourse with a virgin?
yes no 46 had sexual intercourse outdoors?
yes no 47 had sexual intercourse three or more times in one night?
yes no 48 had sexual intercourse in three or more positions?
yes no 49 had sexual intercourse in a car?
yes no 50 had sexual intercourse with two MOSes within 24 hours?
yes no 51 had sexual intercourse using a condom?
yes no 52 had sexual intercourse during menstruation?
yes no 53 had sexual intercourse at the MOS's parents' house?
yes no 54 had sexual intercourse with 3 or more people seperately?
yes no 55 had sexual intercourse continuously for 1/2 hour?
yes no 56 had sexual intercourse within the last three months?
yes no 57 had anal intercourse?
yes no 58 purchased contraceptives?
yes no 59 (arranged, had), an abortion?
yes no 60 traveled over 100 miles for the sole purpose of intercourse?
yes no 61 described a sexual experience to a third party?
yes no 62 spent the night in an MOS's room?
yes no 63 slept with an MOS?
yes no 64 committed statuatory rape?
yes no 65 been propositioned by a prostitute or a pimp?
yes no 66 accepted?
yes no 67 engaged in cunnilingus?
yes no 68 engaged in fellatio?
yes no 69 gone 69?
yes no 70 tasted semen?
yes no 71 unintentionally interrupted a couple in a state of undress?
yes no 72 masturbated?
yes no 73 masturbated with another person in the room?
yes no 74 masturbated to a picture?
yes no 75 been caught masturbating?
yes no 76 watched another person masturbate?
yes no 77 simulated intercourse with an inanimate object?
yes no 78 been propositioned by a homosexual?
yes no 79 accepted?
yes no 80 picked up a strange MOS for sexual purposes?
yes no 81 experimented sexually before puberty?
yes no 82 had a V.D. test?
yes no 83 had V.D.?
yes no 84 shacked up with an MOS for a month or more?
yes no 85 committed an act of exhibitionism (moon, streak, flash)?
yes no 86 engaged in intercourse in a public place?
yes no 87 engaged in intercourse with an unconscious person, while conscious?
yes no 88 impregnated a woman, been pregnant?
yes no 89 committed incest?
yes no 90 engaged in group sex?
yes no 91 fondled a pre-pubescent MOS when your were post-pubescent?
yes no 92 engaged in transvestitism for sexual enjoyment?
yes no 93 been masturbated by a member of the same sex?
yes no 94 orally stimulated a member of the same sex?
yes no 95 used a form of sexual lubricant?
yes no 96 engaged in bondage?
yes no 97 engaged in sadomasochism for sexual enjoyment?
yes no 98 committed an act of voyeurism?
yes no 99 committed bestiality?
yes no 100 visited an orgy parlor?
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