The Spod Test
This is the spod-test 100, if you answer yes to any of these questions you get 1 point. Final points is a % of how much a spod you are *grin*
SPOD TESTNumberJust how big a spod are you??
yes no 1 Do you know the meaning of the word Spod ?
yes no 2 Have you ever been sat behind a computer for more than 2 hours ?
yes no 3 Have you ever been sat behind a computer for more than 8 hours ?
yes no 4 Have you ever sat behind a computer for 24hours or more
yes no 5 Have you ever done 3,4 or 5 and only gotten up to eat or use the bathroom ?
yes no 6 Do you get withdrawl symptoms if you are away from the net for more than one day ?
yes no 7 Do you use more than 2 talkers frequently ?
yes no 8 Do you do #7 at the same time ?
yes no 9 Do you feel wihdrawn when you can't connect to your favourite talkers?
yes no 10 Have you ever sat down and read *ALL* the help files on 1 talker ?
yes no 11 Do you stay logged onto a talker for long periods just to increase your total login time ?
yes no 12 Have you ever forgotten to eat while spodding ?
yes no 13 If you do eat do you go out and get food then come back to you computer and eat it sitting in front of the computer screen ?
yes no 14 Do you know what a priv is ?
yes no 15 Have you ever turned down the option of getting privs on talkers because you haven't enough time with all your other su positions ?
yes no 16 Do you have accounts on more than 5 talkers ?
yes no 17 Do you know who the original programmer of EW is ?
yes no 18 Do you know more than 2 addresses of talkers on the net?
yes no 19 More than 4 addresses ?
yes no 20 More than 10 addresses ?
yes no 21 Do you know all the addresses of the talkers you use of by heart ?
yes no 22 Have you ever travelled extreme distances just to get online ?
yes no 23 Do you know all the shorcut commands for communications like say and tell
yes no 24 Do you get annoyed when you log onto a new talker and your usual name is already taken ?
yes no 25 Have you got a friends list with more than 80 people on?
yes no 26 Have you ever fallen in love with someone on the net without ever having met them face to face ?
yes no 27 Do you know the tricks for getting around being jailed on a talker ?
yes no 28 Have you ever cycled over 10 miles to get onto the net?
yes no 29 Do you now of ALL the commands on any one talker and know how to use each and every one of them ?
yes no 30 Have you ever downloaded the EW source code just to find out how it works ?
yes no 31 Have you ever done #30 to find useful bugs to avoid things like being jailed?
yes no 32 Have done #30 and thought about putting your own talker on the net ?
yes no 33 Have you ever actually acheived #32 ?
yes no 34 Have you ever put a talker on the net just to have more privs than anyone else ?
yes no 35 Have you ever held a conversation over the net with someone else in the same room as you ?
yes no 36 Were they sitting on the computer next to you ?
yes no 37 Do you understand C code ?
yes no 38 Can you fix code problems without even looking at the code?
yes no 39 Do your friends have the lab's number down as your phone number.
yes no 40 Have you more than 10 days total login time on a talker ?
yes no 41 More than 20 days ?
yes no 42 More than 40 days ?
yes no 43 More than 100 days !!!?
yes no 44 More than 300 days - You need HELP!!! :) ?
yes no 45 Have you ever skipped class to be on the net ?
yes no 46 Have you ever stayed on a computer till the early hours of the morning to meet someone on the net ?
yes no 47 Have you ever gone into a lab when it was light, and not walked out till the next day ?
yes no 48 Do you know what IRL means ?
yes no 49 Do you know all your IRL friends net aliases ?
yes no 50 Do you refer to your IRL friends by their net aliases ?
yes no 51 Can you type faster than you think ?
yes no 52 Have you ever stayed up all night waiting for a phone call from someone you met on the net from another country ?
yes no 53 Have you ever net sexed on one talker and had a normal conversation on another ?
yes no 54 Have you ever net sexed 2 different people on different talkers ?
yes no 55 Have you ever done #54 and still held a normal conversation on another talker ?
yes no 56 Have you ever stayed on a talker when you were the only one logged onto it?
yes no 57 Have you remained there for more than 2 hours ?
yes no 58 More than 4 hours ?
yes no 59 More than 8 hours ?
yes no 60 Do you know what MOTD stands for ?
yes no 61 Do you always read the MOTD of a talker without fail ?
yes no 62 Do you check news regularly ?
yes no 63 Are you upset when you have no email ?
yes no 64 Have you ever sent yourself a piece of test mail when you #63 happens just to make sure mail isn't screwed up ?
yes no 65 Do you know what IVL means ?
yes no 66 Do you know what BRB means ?
yes no 67 Do you know what ROTFL means ?
yes no 68 Do you know what LOL means ?
yes no 69 Have you just asked someone what the above abbreviations mean ?
yes no 70 Did you just ask someone on the net ?
yes no 71 Have you ever downloaded the entire smiley dictionary ?
yes no 72 Do you know what #71 refers to ?
yes no 73 Have you ever used all the smileys in that dictionary ?
yes no 74 Have you ever stayed logged onto a talker just to be bottom on the who ist ?
yes no 75 Have you ever kept a chart of the people you have net sexed ?
yes no 76 Have you had net sex more than 3 times ?
yes no 77 More than 5 times
yes no 78 More than 10 times ?
yes no 79 If yes to #76,77,78 was it all on the same day ?
yes no 80 Do people think you should move your bed into the lab ?
yes no 81 Is a computer lab the first place your friends go to find you ?
yes no 82 Would you rather be connected to the net than have sex ?
yes no 83 Have you ever had sex and thought of what you had to remember to do when you next connected to the net ?
yes no 84 Do you require huge amounts of caffeine just so you stay awake longer and use the net more ?
yes no 85 Do you drink Jolt cola while doing this like other people drink water ?
yes no 86 Same as #85 but Mountain Dew instead ?
yes no 87 Would you prefer to go without sex for a whole year than have to be away from the net for more than 1 month ?
yes no 88 More than 3 weeks ?
yes no 89 More than 1 week ?
yes no 90 More than 1 day ?
yes no 91 Have you ever worn out a keyboard ?
yes no 92 Have you ever brought you drinks from the bar into a lab ?
yes no 93 Have you ever spilt those drinks all over the keyboard ?
yes no 94 Have you ever done #93 and thought shit now I can't go on the net, then cried ?
yes no 95 Do you continually think you deserve more privs than you already have ?
yes no 96 Have you ever had with an admin just to gain more privs ?
yes no 97 Do you feel jealous of people with more login time than you ?
yes no 98 Where you ever on CheesePlants house and are still using talkers to this day ?
yes no 99 Is your idea of Mecca going to visit Simon Marsh and chanting, "We are not worthy, we are not worthy ?"
yes no 100 Have you ever felt a feeling of extreme dread at the thought that Simon Marsh might have never written EW and hence there would be no talkers ?
Your score:

Written by Goliath - no I am not telling you my score :)
In loving memory of Goliath - 8 March 1996

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