From the Last Ever Rock Night at The Tiv!!!!
[Part II: The Rockers Revenge!!!!]
[Saturday 2nd October 1999]

On Saturday 29th May 1999 The Tiv had its last ever Rock night. It's new management had decided Rock was Dead, Steps Ruled Supreme and that the Tiv would be better turned into an identical clone of the other 100 or so Trendy clubs in North Wales. The Local Rock/Goth community paid its last respects to a tradition that goes back generations. And at Midnight of the 29th May the last ever rock song was played, or so the Management hoped.

For the next few weeks only Trendy music was played, the attendance dropped drastically (who wants to travel all the way to Buckley when you can go to an identical club on your doorstep) and bar profit were reduced by an alarming rate, (Well Rockers drink a lot more than Trendy's). So once again Saturday Night became Rock Night!! And all was well with the world.
[PHOTO] That is until the management's plan became clear. To gather some money to pay for the refurbishment's of the club, they had decided to keep the rockers there drinking lots and ironically paying the money needed to turn the last rock venue in North East Wales into another Trendy club.

Well they did have a captive audience. After all the Tiv was the only Rock Club/Pub in the area. The next nearest place was the Crazyhouse in Liverpool. ( NOTE: if anyone is thinking of starting a rock night in a Pub/Club/Field email me, and I'll offer any help I can. I'm Thinking of starting one myself!!!)
So on Saturday 2nd October The Rockers turned up once again to say goodbye to the Tiv. The club was filled to capacity, Dozens were turned away at the door, it was one of the busiest nights in the club's history, as everyone wanted to be there at the end of an era. And this time it was the end, I suppose after the DJ whipped up the crowd into a frenzy of hatred for the new management, and a small riot started that resulted in the police being called and property being destroyed ( there were No arrests, and No Injuries) the probability of another rock night is ZERO! [PHOTO]
[PHOTO] The management had said that the Last Thursday of every month would be a kind of Rock Night. But after the riots, they have changed their minds. I don't suppose you can blame them really, it would be silly to spend a lot of money on ref urbishment's then invite another riot. So there will be no more Rock.. The Tiv is dead.. Lets all hold a minutes silence!!!!!
A Group of Tiv regulars.:-
Sally's arm (Well all you can see of her is her Yellow Little Miss Happy Bag.).
Morgyn dancing with Sally, (Humm why is he hiding his face? Ashamed to be seen dancing with Sal.).
Sian the RibenaBerry (Who gets second prize for being one of the two people in the photo actually drinking. X-Girlfriend).
Dave the Dodgy one (Sorry mate but you look well dodgy in this photo.).
Pendragon AKA ME!!! (I Get First prize, well I was holding 2 bottles in my hand to save walking to the bar.).
Gill The Growling Nurse (She has healing hands, or do I mean feeling? Another X-girlfriend.).
The Girl in the top right corner.!!! (No idea what your name is, but I do remember talking to you outside the stamping ground!! And walking you to the bus stop.).
[PHOTO] I call this photo:-
Bunch Of Hippies!!!!
Bad Hair Day!!

What can I say. I look a mess. There is no excuse I can give. I could try explaining how this photo was taken after a bout of serious moshing, or how a hour of non stop head banging can leave your hair looking like that. But I am a goth. I should never be seen with my hair in a mess, let alone have a photo taken. But all I can say is, at least it proves I am human!!!!
Morgyn gets to that level of drunkaneess when he forgets his own name. And as his friends (Well we were then.) we decide to help him out by making a name badge. But for some reason I can no longer re member, but which made perfict sense while drunk we decided to stick it to his head instead of to his shirt. Unfortunatly Ax would not let me staple it on, and we had to just use the adhesive properties of his sweat. [PHOTO]
[PHOTO] Emma.
Ax's kind of girlfriend of the time. Long and complicated story that started on a cold windswept night. It started with two spods to drunk to think much more. it started with a silly bet. And it ended as it started with a long complicated story. Who knows maybe one day we will tell that story, till then its best you don't know, if nothing else it will let you sleep easy at night….
Axybabes!!!!!!! Now this is a rare photo, since Ax is normally taking the photos rather than actually being in them. But we could not let the last ever Tiv night go without at least one photo of Ax. So in a drunken move that would impress the SAS I managed to steal his camera and get a photograph of him. It was not that hard really, and the doctors say I will regain the use of my arm in a few years.

This photo screams one thing at me !!TORG!! if you don't know what I mean you don't read Sluggy
[PHOTO] This photo answers a question that students have been studying and working on since the beginning of time. Why is it when you wake up after a heavy night out on the piss, you always find a traffic cone in your room? And just where do they come from?. Well as you can see from the photo, some nice person just stacks them up, in a nice accessable place just waiting for you to come and help yourself..

Hell its not a Job it's a Vocation!!!!

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