From the Unchained Rock Night
[Saturday May 20th 2000]

One Saturday night a month Wrexham actually has a Rock Night!!!! Well it's the nearest thing we have to a decent event, and it's not too bad as long as you can tolerate rubbish music and being surrounded by 14-year-old spooky kids and skaters. But when you consider the alternatives are either a trendy pub, a trendy wine bar, or a trendy club, what can you do. Cameras are not a normal sight at unchained but it was not a normal unchained, Rael was visiting from Leeds, and Ax wanted to waste the end of his film..

[PHOTO] Ax and my good self escort Sally into the event. Well we may have been trying to steal Sally's little miss sunshine bag. But I prefer to say we were being gentlemen and escorting her.

Sally is modelling a short black dress. She did not want to wear it, and in fact was not going to wear it, bur she lost a bet. You see, she had bet me that I could not get any of her friends to believe she was not 100% sweet and innocent, a bet I would like to add that she lost by trying to beat the judge into saying she won.

It's a good job she lost, since if I had lost, then I would have been forced to go out in the short black dress, and since I am taller than Sally, it would have been even shorter on me. But if there had been even the smallest chance of me loosing the bet, I would never have agreed to it..
Colin does the V for victory sign to celebrate surviving Unchained, and as an honouree Welshman he is entitled to use that sign. In fact we all survived the night intact. Well Col had managed to hurt his ankle, Ax was designated driver and had to survive being sober while we were all legless, Sally had survived without having to bend over, or her dress rising just that inch too much while dancing. And I had survived without biting anyone's necks… I swear I am not a Vampire! no matter what people say Ok it looks like I am moving in towards Sally's neck, but its just the way we are standing.

Historical Note:
Welsh bow-men during the British-French wars of the early years were so deadly that any captured by the French had their first two fingers cut off, to prevent them ever using a bow again. So those bow-men who had not been captured used to hold up their hands with the first two fingers in a V as a taunt to the French to show they were still deadly. And so the V for Victory gesture was created...
[PHOTO] Damn people with cameras. Ok I confess all. I am a Vampire, I drink the blood of young girls to stay young forever! And its working, you have to admit, I look DAMN good for a bloke of 96 <grin>.

I would try and claim I was just hiding from the camera, and using Sally as a shield to prevent Ax from taking my picture. But I looked at the photo again, and noticed the look of ecstasy on Sally's face; her head tilted backwards slightly, her eyes closed, and a huge grin on her face. Not a look you would get by someone hiding behind you. So I had to re-think and since none would believe me if I claimed to be kissing her neck, since I am so sweet and innocent for such things. I had to admit to being a Vampire.
Tired and bloated after my feeding, I am carried away, back to the safety of my coffin? Or is it simply a photo of three Spods two drunken and one sober, at the end of a good night out?

And congratulations go to Sally who managed to take a decent photo while being drunk, and even more congratulations for actually not being in a photo. There were a dozen or so more photos taken that night, but the rest were all off Sally's bag and arm's.

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