From the Whitby Gothic Weekend!!
[Nov 1st - Nov 4th 2001]

[PHOTO] Jamie - Laura - Sal - Sian

Four girls pose for the camera before going out. What the photo doesn't show is the damage and carnage scattered all about the room... Well four females trying to get ready to go out, all in an average sized room, with access to only ONE mirror of decent size, ONE sink, etc... Well I'll leave it to your imagination as to just how bad the room was.. At least no-one was seriously hurt. And I put that down to large quantities of vodka that was force-fed to the girls to keep them non-violent.
Sian - Laura - Sal
Aeroplanes Door Shot

The obligatory aeroplane shot. I have no idea how this Whitby tradition started, but every year Sian and Sal have gone to Whitby they have had to have at least one aeroplane picture taken? If asked why? They tend to smile and answer "It's Tradition!". Leaving me to believe that they themselves do not know how it started or even why they do it!! This Whitby they have dragged poor Laura into their aeroplane pose. Mind you, it was funny watching them try and explain to Laura what they were doing, and why she had to do such an odd pose!!
[PHOTO] Pen - Ax
Door Shot

Well I'm calling it the Door Shot, but I think it could also be called "The Blokes Refuse to do Aeroplanes". Well, it's the same door, the same night, and after the previous photo was taken one of the girls decided that the blokes should pose for a Door-Aeroplane Shot. As you can see, we had more sense and refused! Proving once again that the male is more sensible than the female!!

Mind you, saying that, Ax is wearing a waistcoat obviously several sizes too small for him! Which isn't showing much intelligence. So maybe it should be that the male is just more boring than the female.

And What's with the talc??...

Sal took this photo, Named this photo "Revenge", and Insisted that it went online. Apparently Sian had taken a Non-Flattering photo of Sal a couple of years ago, and seeing Sian like this, while a camera was in handy reach, Sal decided it was finally payback time.

Sheesh!! Women can be so evil. No wonder there is that saying about "Hell having no fury, like a woman scorned"
[PHOTO] Sal - Pen
"Tell Me The Hat looked Good!" (c)Toy Story

Err.. Hmm.. Not a lot I can say really. I know the hat is way to small, and I know it looks silly, but what's the point of drinking, having fun, enjoying yourself if you can't be silly from time to time??

Note: I borrowed the hat off Sal for the photo. I wasn't wearing it all night ;0)
Sleeping Beauty PT:1

Now this I find amazing. How can anyone actually sleep in the event at Whitby? And in the part where the bands and disco are? It totally confuses me. But here we have proof. A photo of Jamie sleeping, Admittedly it was taken just before the end of the night, as everyone was getting ready to go. But still, sleeping?

NOTE: A friend of mine actually managed to sleep right through an Inkubus Suckubus Concert once, and she was sitting close to the stage, But she had the excuse of being very drunk.
[PHOTO] Laura
Sleeping Beauty PT:2

Owww. Ain't it sweet!

Same night as the above photo was taken, and at roughly the same time, we have another photographic example of people managing to sleep in the event. Here we have the lovely Laura sleeping soundly with her Fairy Panda?

But again I believe she has the excuse of drinking lots, and possibly the after affects of her sugar rush from eating loads of donuts.

Youth of today, just cant handle it ;0)
Vikky - Ewan

This is a photo of possibly the two unluckiest people at this Whitby Gothic Weekend. They had travelled up from London for what was going to be their first time at Whitby. Lots of planning was involved, and on the Friday they discovered that they had forgotten their tickets…

And being to honest too sneak into the event, they missed out on the bands and stuff. But still managed to enjoy the atmosphere, the pubs, the bizarre, etc.

Better Luck Next Time!!!!
[PHOTO] Laura - Sian - Vikky - Sal

The girls pose before heading out to the Elsinore, after wasting much drinking time by spending most the night getting ready! I know women are supposed to take ages getting ready, but these take the crown. They seemed to have spent most the weekend in their room getting ready.
Sian - Sal

Wrexham's Gruesome Twosome

Now what can I say about these two that won't get me in trouble or slapped?? Err? Here we have two girls enjoying the event? There that should cover it, can't complain about that. But they probably will. There is just no pleasing some people.
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