From the Whitby Gothic Weekend!!
[Oct 31st - Nov 3th 2002]

[PHOTO] Sian - Sal - Jamie - Laura

This year between them the girls in the photo had 3 rooms. And yet they still didn't have enough room to keep all their stuff neat. And with three bathrooms, three mirrors, etc. You would think it'd take a third less time to get ready? Well, apparently, the more room you give them, the longer it takes them to get ready. Mind you, saying that they still all fought over the one mirror. Maybe someone should have pointed out they had spares??

Nobody told Sally that they were not doing the annual aeroplane shot this year. And the Gods alone know what kind of pose the two on the right are going for?
Laura - Sally - Sian

Sat night in the Spa. And the three witch's err I mean three girls have a quick photograph taken. Well they said they wanted a photograph taken, but I find it highly suspicious that, they decided this just after another member of the group asked "who's turn is it to go to the bar?"

But I can't complain too much since I was holding the camera so it let me off fighting my way for drinks.
[PHOTO] Sally - Wayne

After trying her best for the last few years, Sally finally managed to get me to stand still long enough for her to have her picture taken with me. And equally rare, (especially at the event) I'm not holding any alcoholic drink at all. Not bad going really, she's only been trying since 97.

After a second glance at the photo it has been pointed out that there are crates in the background, and that therefore there is alcohol in the photo, or at least empties. Ah well, back to the drawing board!
Laura - Sian

Here we have Laura and Sian looking a bit worse for drink. And Sally (The person taking the Photo) must also be feeling the affects of drink, since most the picture was of the sign pointing to the cloak room. But all in all, and taking into account the drunken state of the people involved, it's not that bad a picture. With Sian almost looking happy, with her cheeky pose of pulling tongues.

At last we have a picture of someone actually with a drink! It's amazing the amount everyone drinks over the weekend, and yet this is the only photo from three different peoples cameras that show someone drinking.
[PHOTO] Sally

Right, what can I say about this photo. I've been sat here a while now trying to come up with a caption for it that makes no reference whatsoever to the large collection of "Dog Toys" behind Sal. I'm trying to be nice, mainly because I like the use of my legs, but also because it's good to be nice.

Ok. I think I can do this!

Here is a photo of Sal at the event, avoiding some really Crap Band, while modelling her new corset!

I Think That should keep me safe ;0)

"Sal. You can do the captions next Whitby!"

Sian looks scared and hides behind her bag! What could scare a grown woman to the point where she reverts to the state of a child? Did someone try hurting her bag? Stealing her drink? Remind her it's her round?

I have no idea! But whatever it was, I'm glad I didn't see it..
[PHOTO] Grant

Is there a sadder site in the world than a grown man with his drink missing! Here we see young Grant ("Youth of Today, and all that") at a total loss over the fact its Whitby, and he doesn't have a drink! Well it's his own fault, he was invited down to the pub with the rest of the blokes in the group for several drinks or more. But "NO" he wanted to stay in because it was raining and his girlfriend wouldn't let him out to play in case he picked up any bad habits from us ;0)
The Last Ever Door Shots

The tradition has come to an end, after several years worth of Whitby photographs all taken in front of the same door before we leave for the event, these are the last one to be taken. Due to the number of friends that go together, staying in the B&B we have always used is getting to awkward. So it's time to end the tradition of always staying in the same rooms of the same B&B, and get ourselves a cottage or house to stay in at Whitby.
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