From the Whitby Gothic Weekend!!
[Oct 31st - Nov 2nd 1997]

Thanks go to Sian "Morgaine" Mathews for taking the Photos, and to Colin "Rael" May for Scanning them (EDITOR: "or should he get thanks? they are crapply scanned??? may redo them one day!!")

Whitby Gothic Weekend IV1/2
31st OCT - NOV 2nd 1997

A small gathering of Goths migrate towards the Bar of the Elsinore, It may take a while to get served, but It's has the best atmosphere of all the whitby pubs, and It's a great place to meet up with those friends you havn't seen for a while!!!!!
OK.. Do you see the person who stole your eyeliner in this Line UP of strange dodgy Goths???

Sal.............................[Shiny Happy Person?]
Col "Rael"..................[Purple Hair Spray Boy]
Rowena.....................[Bouncy - Unstopable One]
Sian "Morgaine".........[Strange - Blonde One]
Wayne "Pendragon"...[Birthday Celibrating Drunk]
[PHOTO] The Blonde gets picked out of the line-up. Not surprising really, she was never very hard to pick up. ;0)

Now I suppose I shouldn't have said that? I'll probably be killed now, or worse? Banned from stealing her vodka!!

So I'll say sorry! You know I love you really ;op
Obligatory Goths at a Church Pose!!!!

Or are we just resting up before attempting to cross the road and once again try to reach the bar of the Elsinore??? who knows..... who cares........

[PHOTO] The Last Day of the weekend... We are all Tired, Hungover, short on eyeliner and hairspray. and all getting ready for the long drive home, and back to normallity...

Well as close to Normality as we get...
Rowena is permanently Bouncy
Sal is a Trendy?
Sian is a Blonde!! Say no More
Rael is a SPOD!!!
And I am just me.......
100 Yards further up the raod, and with a quick camera operator change....

Rowena shows off her lill Worm.. Glows under UV light you know...
[PHOTO] Sians Solo Gothy Pic!!!

This had the potential to be a really good photo. If you ignore the battered dirty old drainpipe, and the carrier bag just shown on the right side. I blame the photographer, who was drunk! Well it was taken outside the Elsinore, after a session of drinking.

Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

Sal's Solo Gothy Pic!!!

Doesn't one thing jump into your head as you view this photo???

Thats right... What a lovely border on the wall.. Don't you want to rush out to B&Q and get yourself one???

Well Sal doesnt have to.. You know how some people steal Hotel Towels?? well Sal stole that border... Sheesh some People.. You cant take them anywhere!!!!

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