From the Whitby Gothic Weekend!!
[Nov 2nd - Nov 4th 2000]
(Click on Thumbnails for more Photos!!! - Thanks to Sally for the Photos!!!)

[Photo] The Whitby Gothic Weekend, November 2000.

While the rest of the UK was fighting off the devastating storms and floods that almost crippled the country, The coastal town of Whitby saw the bi-annual gathering of thousands of Goths.

Which was no small achievement in itself, since all the roads leading into Whitby were under several feet of water. All train services were cancelled, or running hours late and the nearby city of York was being evacuated.
Weather is an odd thing. All the roads leading into Whitby were flooded and all but impassable. The nearby towns were being evacuated by helicopter; there was chaos everywhere, yet Whitby itself was dry, sunny and warm for the entire weekend?

And those Goths that managed to make it through the floods, or arrived before the roads were closed had a great dry weekend. Until it was time to attempt to travel back home.

Some photos of a small group of Goths:
(Sian, Sal, Laura, Colin, Matt, Aj, Helen, and Pendragon)
[Photo] This is a photograph from the "Victorian Photographers" in Whitby, and was taken during the November 2000 Whitby Gothic Weekend. When a poor sober Pendragon was dragged screaming and kicking inside the place, and kept there by the evilness of Colin, Sian, and Laura. Only the promise of Vodka, the threats of Violence, and an amusing book of sheep enabled him to remain in position long enough for the photograph to be taken.

Thanks a lot people. Sally showed this picture to my mother and now she wants a copy to stick on a wall. And it's a terrible picture I look to be about 14 years old, I really must grow a mustache.
The river Ouse, York.

This photograph was taken on the journey home from Whitby, partly to finish off the roll of film in the camera, and partly to show just how bad the flooding was. The idea was to compare it with the pictures taken at Whitby where there was not even any puddles, and this river that was not that far away.

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