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Whitby Gothic Weekend Web Whitby Gothic Weekend Web.
A great event!, and good page!
UK Goth Guide! UK Goth/Industrial Scene. Usefull List of events,clubs,etc!!
GothSoc Birmingham! Birmingham Universities Gothic Society
UK net.goth Map The UK net.goth Map.
Dragon Code The Official Dragon Code Homepage!!!!!
PleasureDome The First Talker I ever Used. So I thought I would link it
Timewarp TimeWarp A RHPS based Talker
A Talker based on my own talker code
(Dragon Code)
Connect to TimeWarp!
Sluggy Freelance Sluggy Freelance!!
it's Nifty!!!
Worship the Comic!!!!

Reindeer Liberation Front The Reindeer Liberation Front's Homepage. Worth a Visit!!
FONDL FONDL: The Naked Dancing Llama Fan Club
RHPS lips The Rocky Horror Picture Show
A list of RHPS links...
Red Dwarf A list of Red Dwarf Links
Brain Pinky!! There Pinky and the Brain!!!!!!!!!
MOOSE!!!! Selly Oak lunatics asylum.
I have spent many happy times as an inmate at this asylum!
Birmingham Carnival Birmingham Carnival Home Page.
If you see them on the streets, give lots, then run for your life!!!
Support free speach on the net! Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!
Ken Keys The Blokie that gave us TF!!!
Hotmail A free, online Email address!!!
Vamps & other related topics.
Online Goth Test The Goth Test V1.1!!
500Q Purity Test A fun, online purity test
Online Tests A Collection of Online Tests!!!!!
The Bastard Operator From Hell The BOFH!. Good for a laugh, but be warned. never phone him for help
Bert is Evil The Bert is Evil homepage

The Truth about Bert...
5 Spods get drunk in Cardiff

Pic's from a Cardiff mini spod meet!!
Eddie Izzard Grab some jam, punch that baboon.
Its Eddie Izzard!!!!
Pocket Dragons The Wonderful World of !!
Pocket Dragons!!

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