afaik As Far As I Know
afk Away From Keyboard
asap As Soon As Possible
atm At The Moment - self explanatory
brb Be Right Back
bbs Be Back Soon (or Bulleti n Board Service).
bbl Be Back Later
bbml Be Back Much Later
bbiab be Back in a Bit
bf,gf Boy or Girl Friend - if you need explanation, seek help quickly!
blrq BLadder ReQuest
btw By The Way
cmc Coke Machine Calls. Really an acromyn meaning going to get some form of caffeine. (The staple diet of spods)
eb's An expression meaning Raises an eyebrow at. Usually followed by person's name. C an also be linked with <L>, <R> or <B> to mean left right, or both
fohcl Falls Off His(or Her) Chair Laughing - like ROTFL
fohcis Falls Off His(or Her) Chair In Surprise - shocked, basically
fyi For Your Information
fdl Falls Down Laughing
gmta Great Minds Think Alike
gif Graphics Interchange Format. A way of storing digitised pictures.
gol Giggles Out Loud
irc Internet Re lay Chat.
irl/rl In Real Life/Real Life - you know, that silly bit when you're not going bug-eyed in front of a monitor.
ivl/vl In Virtual Life/Virtual Life - that life which you have on the net.
im(h)o In My ( Humble) Opinion
kb Keyboard
lol Loughs Out Loud
otoh On The Other Hand
ppl PeoPLe
rotfl Rolls On The Floor Laughing - this means the person thought something be very funny.
rit fl Rolls In The Floor Laughing - originally a typo but now means that the person thought something to be extremely funny.
rsn Real Soon Now - at some time in the future.
runifoc aRe yoU Naked In Front Of Computer?.
s u Super User - the users who are responsible for keeping order, making people resident, and helping you newbies.
typo TYPOgraphical error - someone hit the wrong key or summat
tiff Tagged Image File Format, another way of storing pictures.
vhlbi Very Happy Little Bunny Indeed!
w/out WithOUT

Note.. Beware of experienced users linking acronyms togther, as in:
rotflol = Rolls On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
So if you see anything that you don't recognise, see if it can be made up ofother, smaller acronyms...
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