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OK. You are happilly surfing the Net, looking at interesting web-pages but you keep finiding words you just dont understand, is everyone talking a strange new language and just havn't told you? has the world gone insane??
well probably!! but to help those of you new to the net. I've listed a few commanly used words, and their definitions..
Abbreviations Get confused between a BRB and a BBL? Wonder why people keep ROTFLing at you??
check out those confusing words here with a list of internet Abbreviations.
URLUniform Resource Locator (URL)
The World Wide Web uses URL's to specify the location of files on other servers.
Country Codes List Of Country codes from IP/Mail addresses (.net/.uk.fr etc)
Spod A spod is someone who hangs out on the net a lot.
Talkers These are Telnet based Chat programs that alow you to talk to people all over the world.
IRCInternet Relay Chat. This is another kind of Chat program
MUDRoleplaying kill everything D&D style of telnet chat program
FINGER Foraging Information Gets Eratic Results. (FINGER)
This is a program that lets you atempt to find out informating about another person by "fingering" their server.
PING Packet INformation Gopher (PING)
A way of checking conection speed and route integrity
Unix SignalsUNIX: system signals. (Listing)
Sluggy FreelanceSluugy Freelance, Online Daily Comic.. Great fun... Long Li ve Riff!!

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