UNIX: system signals.

SIGILL04[1]illegal instruction (not reset when caught)
SIGTRAP05[1][5]trace trap (not reset when caught)
SIGEMT07[1][4]EMT instruction
SIGFPE08[1]floating point exception
SIGKILL09kill (cannot be caught or ignored)
SIGBUS10[1]bus error
SIGSEGV11[1]segmentation violation
SIGSYS12[1]bad argument to system call
SIGPIPE13write on a pipe with no one to read it
SIGALRM14alarm clock
SIGTERM15software termination signal
SIGUSR116user-defined signal 1
SIGUSR217user-defined signal 2
SIGCLD18[2]death of a child
SIGPWR19[2]power fail (not reset when caught)
SIGSTOP20[6]stop (cannot be caught or ignored)
SIGTSTP21[6]stop signal generated from keyboard
SIGPOLL22[3]selectable event pending
SIGIO23[2]input/output possible
SIGURG24[2]urgent condition on O channel
SIGWINCH25[2]window size changes
SIGVTALRM26virtual time alarm
SIGPROF27profiling alarm
SIGCONT28[6]continue after stop (cannot be ignored)
SIGTTIN29[6]background read from control terminal
SIGTTOU30[6]background write to control terminal
SIGXCPU31cpu time limit exceeded [see setrlimit(2)]
SIGXFSZ32file size limit exceeded [see setrlimit(2)]

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