Spod (n)
- A sad person who is nearly always found slumped over a keyboard, usually from the minute they awaken (if they even slept at all) to the minute they pass-out on their keyboard.

Classic examples of spods are : Sparky , Gribbley, Psmith and Athanasius.

Generally you can tell a spod from a room full of ppl as he/she will be the one having a conversation with another person in the room using the computer.

Note: A spod can always type faster than he/she can write:)

A spod is easily distinguished by the following characteristics:
1. Extraordinarily long login times to talkers and/or Muds
2. Knows a dangerous amount of info about the internet - more than any person should.
3. Often known to break into computer labs after hours just to telnet.
4. Sometimes name their favorite terminals
5. Often witness beautiful sunrises and/or sunsets... from a computer terminal.
6. Spod Eyes syndrome - Eyes feel as if they will budge after long hours spent at a terminal.

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