From the Whitby Gothic Weekend!!
[Nov 5th - Nov 7th 1999]
(Click on Thumbnails for more Photos!!! - Thanks to Ax for the Photos!!!)

[Photo] The Whitby Gothic Weekend. A twice a year event that brings people of gothic persuation from all corners of the UK (even from as far away as America) to the small seaside resort of Whitby, where they are entertained by Live bands and DJ's, and are offered a staggering array of alternative shopping.

These events are so popular that they get sold out months in advance, even to the point that an overspill event has been organised the last few times (Which also gets sold out!!). So if you fancy giving it a visit, get your Tickets NOW!!
It is well worth the ticket price, where else can you see live gothic bands such as "Inkubus Sukubus", "Rosetta Stone", "Switchblade Symphony", etc. Be entertained by the UK's top Gothic DJ's, such as "Sexbat", and have alternative shops such as "Fallen Angel", "Vagabonds", etc. all in the same place..

And where else can you see hundreds of goths wandering about the streets of a small village without any of the locals screaming in terror and running to lock up their children. Its an all round unique experience.
[Photo] And this November it was made more unique than normal, when Whitby was hit by the worst storm in 20-30 Years. According to the locals, they had seen nothing like it. Mind you, how many people can say they have seen dozens of highly gothed up people go flying past them at high speed. I believe hairspray was at a premium for the entire weekend. But nothing can get Goths down for long, and there were even a few people enjoying the storm and dancing about in it.

NOTE: Big flowing cloaks and gale force storm winds do not really mix, that is unless you want to try for the air speed record for unaided flight.
Now you cant have any mention of Whitby without giving a small mention to its Abbey, or should that be Abbey's? Since the crumbling gothic ruins of two Abbeys are there, one dating to the 14th Century and one even older from the 13th Century. The Abbey is Whitby's most famous landmark, it was the Abbey of Saint Helen, and even appeared in Bram Stokers Dracula (And yes there are 199 Steps). The Abbey has withstood the attacks of time, Religious conflicts, and even an attack from a couple of German Battleships during the Great War. And you can not spend any time in Whitby without at least taking a short time out to walk among its peaceful grounds and just drift along with its history. [Photo]
[Photo] But it has to be said, the best part of the night is the mingling. Just walking through the crowd at random, with a Snakebite and Black in your hand, just enjoying yourself and meeting new and interesting people. I have never been to a Whitby weekend yet when I didn't meet and get to know dozens of new people.

And it has its use, if you meet enough people from all over the UK, then no matter where you go to an event, there will be a good chance you will know someone there…
Unfortunatly there are a few side affects to the weekend, Memory Loss, problems with walking, and climbing stairs, an inability to walk past pub's without going in for several drinks. And time loss, yes you can just pop into a pub to see who is there, yet when you leave a big part of the day will have passed.

In other words, Drunkenness!!!

[Photo] Damn you All!!!

Ok, Due to popular request, and many death threats, here is that photo you keep asking me about. How did one girl who saw the photo describe it.. " Ooooeerrrr, you and Jackal, very Icky... never mind, looked quite erotic from where I was standing, but then why would'nt I find two loverly blokes licking each other sexy??".

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