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Name = Wayne. Michael. Owens
Aliases = Pendragon, Penddraig, Gambit
Age = 31 Date of Birth = November 1st 1971
Height = 6'2" Hair = Black Eyes = Green
Status = Single & Available!!! Come on Girls!!!
Occupation = Developer/Programer for an ISP.
Email = pendragon@penddraig.co.uk
Nationality =[Dragon] Welsh(Not English!!)

[~~~~~ ME, Myself, and I ~~~~~]
OK. Here's a little bit about myself. To answer a question I get asked a lot YES! I am Welsh, and very proud of my Celtic blood, after all Wales is one of the few countries in the world that has never been totally conquered. And just like my Celtic ancestors I have a fiery nature and a love of Parties.. ;-)
Another Question I get asked a lot is "where does the name Pendragon come from??" Well :-
[Pendragon \Pen

The Welsh word pen is full of mythical and historical resonance. It means 'head' -- both one's physical head and also the sense of 'chief, leader'. The latter meaning exists in English as well, but not with the same force: 'head dragon' doesn't quite make it as a translation of penddraig, 'Pendragon'. The importance of the head in the Celtic mythos helped shape this strong association. One famous head was that of Bran the Blessed, and it has been proposed that his epithet 'the Blessed', bendigaid, was originally an alteration of pen-something. Furthermore, pen not only calls up associations of Bran and The Pendragon, but also of Llewelyn Olaf, the last native prince of Wales, who was murdered in 1282 and whose head was sent to the king of England. His elegy by Gruffudd ab yr Ynad Coch uses the dual meaning of pen in a powerful outcry of grief.

As quoted by Alfred Lord Tennyson "The dread Pendragon, Britain's king of kings."

I am a "Goth". Yes I actually admit it, well, it's hard to deny it when your dressed all in black, with long black hair and pale skin, especially if you live in the macho environment of a welsh mining village! But to each his own. The only real hassle I have is the lack of decent nightlife. The local Town (Wrexham) is the Trendy Capital of Wales; every decent pub/club has been closed down and converted into a Trendy HellHole. I wouldn't mind but they are all identical, so why do they need so many? Especially as most the people who drink in them go in a circuit, so all bar one is empty at any given time! It's a waste! And so, to get a decent night out I Tend to travel and visit friends in other places (Birmingham, Leeds, Whitby, Cardiff, Dublin, Etc) and there is always events going on somewhere like the Whitby Goth Weekends, etc. But enough about that, or I'll just depress myself that I live in such a crap place! But, hey! It means I am easily identifiable, if you are ever in the Wrexham area and see a tall black clad bloke with long black hair, bounce up and say hello! I don't bite. Well not unless you ask real nice...

I have a particular fondness for the Vampyre. (click here to read a copy of --> The Unquiet grave. or The Giaour) or check out my Vampire Pages...

Now as you probably know ("Since you probably found this web page from my pfile on some Talker") I am a spod, and can normally be found on a load of talkes at any one time. As well as spodding I can normally be found helping to run numerous talkers, either as a member of staff, or coder. To check where I am currently connected to and to possibly connect and say "hello" click here. A while back I released my own Talker Base Code "Dragon Code". I am currently working on updating, and upgrading it, you can check out the Test Code Talker " Timewarp". by connecting to "spod.org 1234".

If you don't know what a spod is, then log onto a talker and find out. They are a great bunch of people with an wide knowledge of computers and the "net", They exist without skin colour, without nationality, without religious bias. They judge people by what they say and think, not what they look like, and when you get a load of them in the same place for a meet. You can be certain of a good time!!!!!

My main purpose in life is to enjoy myself, after all we are only here for a short time so why waste it with worry and stress. I think more people need to slow down and take time to smell the roses!! If they did their lives would be more fun and fulfilling, It would also cut down on the number of stress related illnesses our over-burdened health service has to deal with. As such I live life by my own Laws, after all why worry about following other peoples laws.. they may be right for them but not for you. Take the Ten Commandments. Probably very useful in the way distant past.. But "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours house, thou shalt not covert thy neighbours wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbours" Hello! we are in the 21st century, at the begining of a new millennium, and the Christians are worried about people coveting their neigbours ox?????! Give us a break!!!.

As an Engineer and Computer Programmer/Operator. I have an interest in Computer Security and related subjects (i.e. Hacking and Phreaking click here to read the hackers manifesto)

[~~~~~ Likes and Dislikes ~~~~~]
SEX, Drugs, And Rock & Roll!!!!!!
No seriously lets see. Partying, Spoding, Rugby. Motor Bikes (customising & Riding), Reading, Writing (stories & Poetry), Drinking, Rock and Roll, and as I said PARTYS!!!!.

Work, Work, and Work, ;-) ..........Just ask anyone who knows me!!

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