The old site proudly proclaimed :-

“Well In the proud tradition of thousands of fellow egotistical megalomaniac’s I have decided to put Poems written by my wonderful self onto the internet for mere mortals to read ;0)”

That was written a long time ago, and I seriously considered leaving the poetry off this “New & Improved” site. After all I now have a separate site dedicated to my writings which includes a poetry section.  There was also a small voice telling me that I should not have random poetry on here when I really want people to buy my book of poetry. In the end I decided that historically the websites of yonder days contained poetry, and the poems that were posted on my original site have been copied all over the internet over the years that I may as well keep them on the site for Historical and Nostalgic reasons.

I hope you enjoy some of the Poetry here, and if you do maybe you would consider finding some more in one of my little books of poetry.