Online Tests

My Original site had several online tests on it for people to play about with and have fun.

They were never meant to be anything special, but the “Insanity Test” actually became something of a Internet Cult, with people from all over the world sitting it, passing it onto friends and comparing their results. It has even been featured in several books, and everyone from Members of well known Bands (Iron Maiden) and Political people (The White House) have sat it. It has even been popular among soldiers on the front lines.


So I have copied the tests over to this new site.

Have Fun and Remember, Its not to be taken seriously ;0)

Test: Type of online Test My Score:
The Goth Test How much of a Goth are you?? 89
The Spod Test How much of a Spod are you?? 95%
The Insanity Test How insane are you?? 92%
The 100Q Purity Test How Pure are you? 21%
The Dr Seuss Purity Test How Pure are you? 66%
The Slease Quiz How sleasy are you? “I’m enjoying life to the max.” 158
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Quiz How much of a RHPS fan are you? 100%