Heart of Stone

When out we must stay apart,
in case they see the love in my heart.
I’m always watching from afar,
at night I wish upon a star.
For in our group, i feel alone,
I wish I had a heart of stone.

If only love would die,
and tears I would no longer cry.
If only I did not care,
when beside you he is there.
And I must stay apart – alone,
if only I had a heart of stone.

My heart is dying in my chest,
I no longer know what to do for best.
Why do I love, why do I feel,
how long does a heart take to heal.
I lie at night in the dark alone,
Praying for a heart of stone.

A heart of stone wont break,
and stone will never feel ache.
But I have a mortal heart,
that aches when we’re apart.
Alas for being flesh and bone,
why cant I have a heart of stone.

Humm typical sad broken heart type poem!