The Insanity Test

This is a insanity test to see just how sane you really are. if you answer yes to any of these questions you get 1 point. Final points is a % of how much insane you are *grin*

yes no - 1 Do you consider yourself sane?
yes no - 2 Are you willingly taking this test?
yes no - 3 Do you ever talk to plants?
yes no - 4 Do you ever talk to animals?
yes no - 5 Do you ever talk to inanimate objects?
yes no - 6 Do you ever talk to yourself?
yes no - 7 Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with any of the above?
yes no - 8 Do you ever hear voices in your head?
yes no - 9 If so do you ever talk to the voices in your head?
yes no - 10 Do you often not understand what the voices are talking about?
yes no - 11 Have you ever been admitted to an psychiatric institution?
yes no - 12 Have you ever seeked psychiatric help?
yes no - 13 Do you always keep to 30 miles per hour speed limits (whilst driving a car)?
yes no - 14 Do you enjoy setting fire to things?
yes no - 15 If so do you prefer them to be alive?
yes no - 16 Do you enjoy playing with firearms?
yes no - 17 Do you wish people would allow you to play with firearms?
yes no - 18 Are the buckles on your jumper too tight?
yes no - 19 Do you have an unreasonable fear of Aliens?
yes no - 20 Are you an Alien?
yes no - 21 Do you check under your bed before you go to sleep?
yes no - 22 Do people tend to stare at you?
yes no - 23 Do people laugh at you behind your back?
yes no - 24 Is Elvis Presley alive?
yes no - 25 Have you ever flicked through the telephone directory without actually looking for anything?
yes no - 26 Have you ever called directory enquiries without actually looking for anything?
yes no - 27 Do you often watch TV just for the sake of it?
yes no - 28 Would you be shocked to hear that your favourite 'Soap' characters are fictional?
yes no - 29 Do you name your possessions? ( cars, computers, socks? )
yes no - 30 Have you ever tried to play a record backwards to search for hidden messages?
yes no - 31 If so, have you ever found any?
yes no - 32 Do you hear people calling your name on the background of certain records?
yes no - 33 Have you greatly altered your opinion of someone after discovering their star sign?
yes no - 34 Do you avoid walking under ladders?
yes no - 35 Do you purposely walk under ladders to show that you are not superstitious?
yes no - 36 Do you ever change subjects in the middle of a sentence?
yes no - 37 Do you ever forget what you are saying in the middle of a sentance?
yes no - 38 Are you obsessed with death?
yes no - 39 Were you a famous or important person in a past life?
yes no - 40 Have you ever wondered why the fluff in your belly button is a uniform blue?
yes no - 41 Do you sometimes have very violent urges?
yes no - 42 Do you refuse to believe things if they are not scientifically proven?
yes no - 43 Do you believe faithlessly in something which has been scientifically proven?
yes no - 44 Do you refuse to believe in anything but yourself?
yes no - 45 When you are bored do you sometimes light matches just to watch them burn?
yes no - 46 When you are bored do you sometimes set fire to people or animals just to watch them burn.?
yes no - 47 Do you sometimes tessalate complex 3-Dimensional shapes (e.g. not cubes) in your head when you get bored?
yes no - 48 Can you tesselate regular tetrahedrons in your head?
yes no - 49 Do you sometimes tesselate 4 or more Dimensional sphapes in your head when you get bored?
yes no - 50 Have you ever set fire to ants with a magnifying glass.?
yes no - 51 Do you have a strong fear of something which you know does not pose any threat?
yes no - 52 Are you the kind of person who puts used matches back into the matchbox?
yes no - 53 Are you the kind of person who gets really annoyed with people who put used matches back in the box?
yes no - 54 Do you have multiple personalities (or aliases) that act independently?
yes no - 55 If so, do some of your personalities dislike each other?
yes no - 56 Are you cohabiting in your own body?
yes no - 57 Do you believe in killing off the weak to further evolution?
yes no - 58 Do you believe killing is pretty good anyway?
yes no - 59 Are you worried about the result of this test?
yes no - 60 Are you purposely lying to conceal your mental instability or stability?
yes no - 61 Have you ever taken a Purity test?
yes no - 62 If so, do you wish you had a lower score?
yes no - 63 Do you continually talk about test scores ( such as Sanity, Purity, Driving or Urine tests )
yes no - 64 Have you ever purposely tried to lower your Insanity test score?
yes no - 65 Have you ever performed a Insanity test with ulterior motive?
yes no - 66 Have you ever used a Insanity Test as a check list?
yes no - 67 Have you ever used the Insanity test as a shopping list?
yes no - 68 Have you ever opened the back of your television to let all the little people out?
yes no - 69 Have you ever tried to check if the light is still on when the fridge door is closed?
yes no - 70 Does it still worry you?
yes no - 71 Are you afraid of having your picture taken?
yes no - 72 When listening to yourself on audio tape do you refuse to believe that it is you?
yes no - 73 Do you dislike seeing yourself on video?
yes no - 74 Do you consider most of the people you know as completely mad?
yes no - 75 Are they?
yes no - 76 Did you answer differently to the last two questions?
yes no - 77 Have you ever taken an IQ test and believed the results were lower than they hould have been?
yes no - 78 Have you taken this test seriously so far?
yes no - 79 Are you afraid to do this test in front of lots of other people?
yes no - 80 Have you ever purposely watched a film more than five times?
yes no - 81 If so, was this within the peiod of one day?
yes no - 82 Were your answers to the above two questions the same?
yes no - 83 Do you tell jokes and get nervous when other people laugh at them?
yes no - 84 Do you hit yourself when you get nervous?
yes no - 85 Do you hit yourself when you tell jokes?
yes no - 86 Do people hit you when you tell jokes?
yes no - 87 Do people laugh when you hit yourself?
yes no - 88 Do people hit you, laugh at you and tell jokes about you?
yes no - 89 Have you ever played a word disassociation game?
yes no - 90 When talking to someone with the same name as you, do you sometimes get confused as to which one you are?
yes no - 91 Please answer 'NO' to this question?
yes no - 92 Do you consider that the authors of this test are insane?
yes no - 93 Have you ever tried to fly?
yes no - 94 Did you die as a result?
yes no - 95 Do you consider yourself a good representation of an average person?
yes no - 96 Do you continue talking even when you know that no one is litening to you?
yes no - 97 Do you believe that the ideal Christmas involves a game of Trivial Pursuit?
yes no - 98 Do you get annoyed when people call the Trivial Pursuit game 'Trivial Pursuits.'?
yes no - 99 Do you start to reuse dirty plates rather than washing them?
yes no - 100 Do you share the philosophy: "what is the point of washing plates when we only dirty them again"
yes no - 101 Would you rather not generate rubbish than spend five minutes emptying a full waste bin?
yes no - 102 Have you ever tried to kill flies with an elastic band?
yes no - 103 If so, did you enjoy the feeling?
yes no - 104 Do you ever find yourself singing 'singing in the rain' in the rain?
yes no - 105 Do you understand the deeper meaning of Dannii Minogue records?
yes no - 106 Have you ever had secret desires to be a Weather man?
yes no - 107 Are you unable to get through the day without logging into a computer?
yes no - 108 Do you sometimes get large blank spaces in your memory of the previous few weeks?
yes no - 109 If so, do you try to colour them in?
yes no - 110 Do you know what question number this is?
yes no - 111 Do you think that you are immortal?
yes no - 112 Do people not understand what you are talking about most of the time?
yes no - 113 If so, is this because you are many times more intelligent than they are?
yes no - 114 Do you have an obsession about a particular type of vehicle ( e.g. Trains, Fire Engines etc.) ?
yes no - 115 Do you draw pictures of people getting violently injured (e.g. decapitated, shot etc.) ?
yes no - 116 Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
yes no - 117 Can you remember the phone numbers of the last few houses you lived at?
yes no - 118 Are you incapable of lying?
yes no - 119 Are you a God/Godess or God-like entity?
yes no - 120 Are you subject to fits of depression?
yes no - 121 Do you do strange things when depressed?
yes no - 122 Have you so far answered 'no' to every question?
yes no - 123 Do you dislike the previous question because no-one can get 0% insanity?
yes no - 124 Have you ever tried to make a tower out of rice crispies or simillar breakfast cerial?
yes no - 125 Have things, that you would have thought impossible before the event, ever happened to you?
yes no - 126 If so, did you still consider them impossible after the event?
yes no - 127 When people ask you for directions do you get the urge to send them in completely the opposite direction?
yes no - 128 Are you plagued by strange coincedances?
yes no - 129 Do you have an overactive intrest in small pieces of rubber?
yes no - 130 Do you often make pointless silly noises (whilst alone)?
yes no - 131 Do you ever talk in silly voices (whilst alone)?
yes no - 132 Have you ever lost your voice and looked for it?
yes no - 133 Have you ever found an ants nest, and then spent your time stamping on all the ants?
yes no - 134 Do you intend to take this test again and see how much your score has changed?
yes no - 135 Can you sometimes spend more than 15 minutes making silly faces at yourself in the mirror?
yes no - 136 Do you tend to rest in what other people consider strange positions whilst alone e.g. under your desk?
yes no - 137 Have you ever mailed one of the authors with a insanity test score?
yes no - 138 Have you ever mailed ''?
yes no - 139 If so did you announce your undying love to this person?
yes no - 140 Do you ever have dreams about being killed?
yes no - 141 Do other people have dreams about you killing them?
yes no - 142 If so, do they ever tell you about them?
yes no - 143 Do you cut your own hair?
yes no - 144 Have you ever been to a night club called 'The Pink Coconut' in Brighton?
yes no - 145 If so, were you wearing leathers?
yes no - 146 Do you roll bus tickets into tight cylinders?
yes no - 147 Have you ever accidentally destroyed a return bus ticket while fiddling with it on the bus?
yes no - 148 Do you lock the toilet door even though you know you are the only person in the house?
yes no - 149 Do you leave the toilet door wide open when you know you are the only person in the house?
yes no - 150 Do you ever lock the toilet door when you know you are not the only person in the toilet?
yes no - 151 Do you Understand Quantum Mechanics?
yes no - 152 If so do you know what Quantum Mechanics is?
yes no - 153 When you walk down a street to people usually cross over the road or press themselves against a wall?
yes no - 154 Do you find that some of your friends appear to be invisible to everyone else?
yes no - 155 Do you have an unusual obsession for Danni Minogue?
yes no - 156 Do your heroes include fascist dictators, people who have been commited to psychiatric institutions, murderers, rapists or estate agents?
yes no - 157 Do you own the complete works of Douglas Adams and wear an anorak?
yes no - 158 Do you wear a hat?
yes no - 159 Do you believe that most of the interesting conversations you have had this week involve computers?
yes no - 160 Do you enjoy inflicting physical damage apon yourself?
yes no - 161 Have you so far outlined all the spelling mistakes in the test?
yes no - 162 If not, have you outlined all the words that are spelled correctly?
yes no - 163 Do you blow on a piece of food that has fallen on the floor before eating it?
yes no - 164 Have you ever become so obsessed with an object to the point of not allowing anyone else to touch it?
yes no - 165 Do most people who approach you immediately comment on your clothes?
yes no - 166 Do you try to impress people by parts of your body that are double jointed, or strange things that you can do with your eyes?
yes no - 167 Do you believe that the Microwave Oven proves the non-existance of God?
yes no - 168 Do you own any of the following:A ponographic magazine?
yes no - 169 A copy of --- "Are you mine?" by Bros on CD?
yes no - 170 ------------- A machete?
yes no - 171 ------------- A copy of DOS 1.1 on 3.5" disk?
yes no - 172 ------------- A dead animal?
yes no - 173 ------------- The Holy Grail?
yes no - 174 ------------- Or a book by Dennis Wheatley?
yes no - 175 After cross-referencing the whole Oxford English dictionary would you be suprised to find that the only 3 fundemenal words are "A","The" and "Belgium"?
yes no - 176 Do you believe that most people live normal lives?