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Here's A list of some of the people I know from the NET with links to their web pages where Applicable
( If your name is not on here but you want it to be. E-mail me :)) :-
Names in bold means I have met them IRL.

[Web Page] Babbit AKA: Rhosynlas
My self adopted Lill Sis....
(EDITOR: "Congratulations hon!! I will write! ;0)")

[Web Page] Babel
The poor person that had to put up with Rael IRL..

[Web Page] babbette
cute spod...

[Web Page] bac

[Web Page] badguy
dont believe the name, He's a good guy really...

[Web Page] Balloon

[Web Page] bananafish

[Web Page] Bebop
Yet another Spoo!!!

[Web Page] Bethiah
Giver of Love .. Keeper of Souls.

[Web Page] betterday
cute ickle spod.
(EDITOR: "Quote from Dogmatix")

[Web Page] BigPhil
Spoo and tall bloke.

[Web Page] BJ AKA: Cypher
The Umbongo King!!!!!!!.

[Web Page] Blackstaff
very tall Spoo...

[Web Page] Blackwidow AKA: GothicVampiress
A Gothic Vamp! "what more do you need to know?"

[Web Page] Blaidast AKA: Wolfbitch
a special friend. Founder of the RLF.
(EDITOR: "Remember take it one day at a time!!!")

[Web Page] Blob AKA: HonnyB
my memory of her is of being pounced on in a Birmingham pub (Bliss!) ;0).

[Web Page] Bob
Warning "Do NOT hug this Man".

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