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Here's A list of some of the people I know from the NET with links to their web pages where Applicable
( If your name is not on here but you want it to be. E-mail me :)) :-
Names in bold means I have met them IRL.

[Web Page] Wanderingchild

[Web Page] Warpangel
Soozys X-better("not") half.
(EDITOR: "Great Bloke with an interesting concept of TV remote Control!!!!!")

[Web Page] Weasel
fun huggable lady ;0.

[Web Page] Willow
the only Woman i know that doesnt like compliments. And Only Woman to ever Turn Me Down ;(
(EDITOR: "The net aint the same without you!.")

[Web Page] Wishful
Mona's IRL hubby!!!

[Web Page] Wizard

[Web Page] Wolfbitch AKA: Blaidast
founding member of the RLF.
(EDITOR: "The Person that got me to join Plant-Y-Nos")

[Web Page] Wolfsong AKA: Keewana
A Wonderfull, Careing, Kind, Nice, Brilliant, Lovely Lady..
(EDITOR: "Thanks for the Fluffies!!")

[Web Page] Worf
X Newi Spod, and magics other half.
(EDITOR: "You noticed the number of net.relationships that make it to RL")

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