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Here's A list of some of the people I know from the NET with links to their web pages where Applicable
( If your name is not on here but you want it to be. E-mail me :)) :-
Names in bold means I have met them IRL.

[Web Page] Dad

[Web Page] Daisy
scotish lady.

[Web Page] Dala
a cheeky scotish lady!! .
(EDITOR: "me old!!!! never ")

[Web Page] Danz
Leeds spod...

[Web Page] Darklord
The lord of darkness or a strange Dutch Bloke ????.
(EDITOR: "A strange Dutch Bloke")

[Web Page] Dawnfire
A great American (A contidiction in terms?). But Evil
(EDITOR: "I'm safe. She's back in the USA!!!!")

[Web Page] Dave
A Dragon Code User ;0)

[Web Page] Demi
Another great american.....
(EDITOR: "Congratulations on your marrage")

[Web Page] Desade
what can one say about someone who uses De Sade as a name "Interesting" ;0).

[Web Page] Diamond
My 1st ever net Bro, and fellow newi engineering Spod.
(EDITOR: "Poor Sod.")

[Web Page] Dizzy
dizzy by name, but not by nature!!!.
(EDITOR: "A Fellow Tiv Old Timer")

[Web Page] Dita
Very Very Cute IRCer....
(EDITOR: "I was asking a friend irl who she was, as she danced in front of me.. [small world]")

[Web Page] Dodger
A good friend.
(EDITOR: "We'll get around to it one day mate!!")

[Web Page] Dogmatix/Dibbler
Another NEWI Spod and fellow pink fluffy cabbage!!!
(EDITOR: "Odd bloke!! (works for the BBC now!!!)")

[Web Page] Doom
Unix Admin type blokie.
(EDITOR: "Thanks for the account!!")

[Web Page] Doormouse
Lovely forign lady....

[Web Page] Dragonlord

[Web Page] DrkEmbrace
A nice sweet lady..
(EDITOR: "And much more fun than the inflateable version!! ")

[Web Page] Duel
Daft, silly, but just loveable.

[Web Page] DWoods
Cool Welsh Bloke!!.
(EDITOR: "and george michael lookalike")

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