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Here's A list of some of the people I know from the NET with links to their web pages where Applicable
( If your name is not on here but you want it to be. E-mail me :)) :-
Names in bold means I have met them IRL.

[Web Page] Madrory
The only bloke i know that can put makeup on in a Birmingham pub and survive!!.

[Web Page] MadWolf
the Aber BAFH, but otherwise an allround good bloke..
(EDITOR: "apart from one thing 'the name BlueBows' "")

[Web Page] Magenta
An great american girl.
(EDITOR: "Sorry I missed you ;0(")

[Web Page] Magic
She's a kind of magic ;0).
(EDITOR: "I will arange to meet you in the TIV oneday")

[Web Page] Mars
A great american Lady. Damn there are getting to be a lot of them!.

[Web Page] Megablast

[Web Page] Mekare
I apologise. But i never did call you a liar!!!
(EDITOR: "Called you some stuff... but never a liar!!! ;0)")

[Web Page] Memnoch/Morgaine AKA: Azriel
A lovely Lady who's the cutest Spoo of them all..
(EDITOR: "Thanks for Everything Hon.")

[Web Page] Mercy
a great scotish redhead.

[Web Page] Metatron
(EDITOR: "Thats for the box account")

[Web Page] Milx
!Sheepie! what else do i need to say.

[Web Page] Missie
welsh lady with odd tendancies.

[Web Page] Mogui AKA: sufi, Fresh
Grrr I hate Re-names ;0).
(EDITOR: "See ya soon!")

[Web Page] Morgyn
Was Once One of my Best friends.
(EDITOR: "If you ever go on a pub crawl around every pub & club in a large town like Wolvs. This is the bloke to do it with!")

[Web Page] Mort

[Web Page] Mona
whishfulls wife...

[Web Page] Mouse

[Web Page] MrBlack
A scary Un-innocent Admin type person!!!!!
(EDITOR: "Remember I am the innocent one!!!!")

[Web Page] Mrfish
the bescaled, finned one.

[Web Page] mrflibble
cool bloke..
(EDITOR: "Hey anyone you meet while sitting on the floor outside a pub drinking has gotta be cool")

[Web Page] mrwhite
Box admin type dude........

[Web Page] msb
Fellow Inncoent spod!

[Web Page] Muse
My Net.SIS.

[Web Page] Mushroom AKA: Llwynenion
My IRL sister, and life long irritant!! ;0) .
(EDITOR: "Only Kidding Sis...............NO!!")")

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