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Here's A list of some of the people I know from the NET with links to their web pages where Applicable
( If your name is not on here but you want it to be. E-mail me :)) :-
Names in bold means I have met them IRL.

[Web Page] Scoobie
great lady.

[Web Page] Shadowcat
wishes there were less land tween Ca and Fl.

[Web Page] Shadowfax
An Canadian that moved to wales and married a Brit.
(EDITOR: "But why pick nova???")

[Web Page] Shark
is just shark!!

[Web Page] Silver
pgplus Coder!!!!

[Web Page] Sistercrow
Wicca, Spod, Friends.. Three good things about this girl!!!

[Web Page] Slaine AKA: James
coder-spod-decent bloke.
(EDITOR: "The skirt suited you ;0)")

[Web Page] Slash AKA: Zakk
The poor person that has to put up with Aphrael all the time ;).

[Web Page] Smurf
An engineer with a skill for cheating at Pool !! ;0)

[Web Page] Snowowl AKA: Anatasia
The only person i ever saw at the November Whitby Goth Weekend with a Tan!!
(EDITOR: "We must meet up when your next over here!!!")

[Web Page] Soozy
a bouncy person. who's promised never to kill me, maim yes, kill never ;)
(EDITOR: "Thanks for the HUG`s When I need them")

[Web Page] Sordelan
the Grand Master Scout.

[Web Page] Speechless
One word describes him.. Tiffani. ask him.

[Web Page] Stargazer AKA: Knight

[Web Page] Strata
heres a name i aint seen in ages!!.

[Web Page] Sub
Ahhhhh.... connecect/disconnect spammer.... He's everywhere!!!!!

[Web Page] Sufi AKA: fresh
(EDITOR: "I really hate Re-names!!!!")

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